Q:...Where do I park my show car?
A:...Just about anywhere, our field is set up so you can park with one friend or a group of friends. We are a "Car show for Car people" and want you to feel comfortable at our event.

Q:....Then how do you find me to select my vehicle?
A:....Think of our field like a giant pie that has been sliced into wedges.
Each wedge of field has its own parking staff, selection staff members, and office staff member assigned to it. Each wedge is then treated like a mini show within our show. After the staff member has completed his or her job, they are then rotated to the next field as a sort of checks and balances to our system. Besides the selection staff members assigned to each wedge, we also have selection members whose specialties (painting, body work, engine, etc..) use their talent to cross-check the selection process.

Q:....What is the selection process?
A:....Remember our motto a Car show for Car people? We feel that EVERY car on the field has the right to be selected one of the 60 best. While a vehicle that has been flawlessly restored catches your eye, what about the other cars on the field? This is not a beauty contest, we appreciate and reward the restored $50,000 dollar beauty, but we also honor the daily driver, the 4 door family car, the station wagon, the hot rod, rat rod, etc. Simply put, ALL cars are reviewed. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we are viewing your car through your eyes.

Q:....If all the cars are equal why do I have a letter and number on my car?
A:....All the vehicles that visited our show in previous years are filed in categories. We review the previous year's attendance and tweak our list appropriately. Each category is then given a letter value or double letters after 26. Since there are more then 60 categories, all the assigned letters cannot be represented on center field. The letters and numbers are for our staff to make sure we know which categories are represented on our field this year, and that they are fairly reviewed.

Q:....Is this show just for vehicles older then 1979 vintage?
A:....NO... The 60 Best of the Best is only for vehicles made before January 1st 1980. All others are judged in categories: we have four Mustang classes, four Corvette classes, a Fiero class, PT cruisers, etc. All vehicles are invited. Some vehicles can be cross-overs: it is their decision at the time of registration. For example, a 1965 Mustang can choose to compete in the Mustang class or for the 60 Best of the Best jacket - not both.

Q:....What is Display class?
A:....In an attempt to have everyone enjoy the show, we have created the Display class for vehicles pre 1980. If you want to attend the show with your car but choose not to compete for whatever the reason, you may park on the field with the other show vehicles for a $5.00 donation. Additional persons over one passenger will be subject to the $5.00 spectator fee (children under 12 always free). While you will receive no goody bag or eligibility for the selection process, you will have a safe place to park, and be in the center of all the fun and entertainment at our event.

Q:.....What do I receive if my car is selected?
A:.... If selected as one of the 60 Best of the Best out of the 1200 gorgeous vehicles on the field isn't enough, your name will be announced, and time will seem to stop while you have thousands of spectators watch you travel to your place of honor, to center field of the Largest car show in Rhode Island.
You will have free access to the next year's show, where you will enjoy a place of honor, and also be placed on our website feature slideshow for all to see.
All the trophy classes will be presented in an on field ceremony, where the winner will be asked to walk up to receive one of our unique awards presented in front of the 5000 spectators and car owners expected on the field that day.

Q:....Will there be room at the show for me?
A:....YES...With 9 acres of beautiful Goddard Park for parking. we will have plenty of room to accommodate everyone. We do encourage you to pre-register if at all possible, we close registration at 12:01 p.m. If you are in line at that time you can only enter the Display class. We will do the best to accommodate everyone.