Autos of the World - Awards Page

For starters, we are charging what we charged at our first show in 1999 - $5.00 - for everyone. That is a savings of $10.00 right there, but it gets better. You, or one of your friends, are going to win your $5.00 back! Keep reading...

Every vehicle that attends will be placed in a group. That group will judge itself with numbered ballots to receive trophies, or in the case of the Best of the Best group, jackets. Each group's ballots will then be placed in their own container for drawing(s). The groups are: Car Clubs, Specialty Groups, Pre 1979, Post 1980, Big Rigs, and Best of the Best.

The cash prize will work like this: for clubs, each member of the club will receive one numbered ballot and this ballot will be drawn for the cash prize. How much cash your member wins depends on how many vehicles you place on the field. Your $5.00 entrance fee will also go into your club's raffle container. Field 20 vehicles and the prize is $100.00, field 30 vehicles and the prize is $150.00 - the club will receive the entrance fees back.

The vehicles not affiliated with a club or specialty group will also receive numbered ballots - the pre-1979 will vote on their group, 1980 and above will vote on theirs - you will not be voting on club vehicles. For every 100 vehicles in the pre-1979 or post-1980, the winner will receive $100. Each additional 100 vehicles that show up equals an additional $100 cash prize. Example: 100 vehicles = one $100 winner, 200 vehicles = two $100 winners, 300 vehicles = three $100 winners - you can only win the $100 prize once.

The "Best of the Best" group will compete for the final "Best of the Best" Jackets ever. This group is also eligible for the $100 cash prize per $100 vehicles; subject to the same rules as above (you can only win the $100 prize once).

All large trucks on the field will also receive their numbered ballots to choose among their group the winner of "The American Trucker" jacket. A drawing will also be held with those ballots for a $100 cash winner.

Because this is our Grand Finale, you must be present to win. There will also be prize drawings all day long, special events, over 60 memorabilia vendors, and numerous food vendors. For more information, email