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We have been told that the Autos of the World gives the best awards in the area...who are we to argue? Oh a non-believer... then please check out our awards page.
With over 200 classes at our weekend event we can add the most awards to the list also. The best awards and the most awards....and you're not there ...why?

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For the past fourteen years, the last weekend in July has featured the largest antique, classic, hot rod, and exotic car show in Rhode Island. Now the last weekend will become even more special, with 4 car shows, and 2 truck shows. We are pulling out all the stops and creating a Saturday full of great shows. On Saturday, the Forever Ford show, the Great GM show the Classic Chrysler show, and the small truck part of the American Trucker show will be held.

All four shows run on the same day and time at Goddard State Park.
All four shows judged using a 400 point semi-national judging style.
All four shows will have their own award show.
All four shows will be judged by body style and Not by year groupings.
All four shows will be judged by respective manufactory owners and authority.

With over 200 classes, we could use your help!
If you have experience or can help with other duties please contact us at 401-647-2731.
Thank You.

Proceeds will go to benefit local charities.

ATTENTION SWAP MEET VENDORS: $20 for the weekend, USED items only - please use Non-Food Vendor Registration form located above.

Click HERE to see a map and listing of our food, craft, and memorabilia vendors!!

Saturday July 25th

8:00am Registration opens for the:
The Forever Ford Show - Includes all Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Foreign Ford products.
The Great GM Car Show - Includes Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac & Foreign GM products.
The Classic Chrysler Car Show - Includes Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth products.
The American Trucker Show Part I - 2 Ton weight limit. (Part II on Sunday)

9:00am Craft Show/Swap Meet begins. Food and Auto Memorabilia vendors open.
3:30pm Classic Ford, GM, Chrysler & American Trucker Awards.
Using national styled judging standards, sure to please everyone and help out R.I. Cancer Research.

Sunday July 26th

Autos of the World Main Event
We are proud to present, for your listening pleasure, Dick Salvas! One of Connecticuts Best DJ's!

Gates Open at 8:00 am
Trailer Accommodations Available

8:00am Registration opens for the Antique, Classic, Hot Rod & Exotic vehicles.
Over 1200 cars expected. Come early or Pre-Register to avoid the lines and use our express route into Goddard State Park.

11:00am Judging starts Final Stage. Pre-War, Classics, Hot Rods, Exotics and Antiques. Over 15 million dollars worth of America's Auto Industries Finest!

12:00am 2014's Best of the Best! Revisited and Souvenir Books presented.

12:30pm Awards start. 10 Cars every 30 minutes! Cars will parade to place of honor as the '2015 Best of the Best'!

2:30pm American Trucker trophies awarded.

3:30pm Trophies Classes 1979 thru Present, Mustang & Corvettes awarded.

4:00pm Final awards presentation concludes.

Autos of the World 2015
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