To avoid any more confusion the last Autos of the World was held on July 31, 2016, there is no show this year.
We have spoken to and e-mailed so many people who wanted to pre-register that we felt we had to let everyone know.
Joyce, Audra and I thank all of you for the 17 years of loyalty you gave us and hope in some small way we earned it. Just to catch up and answer some of the questions we have been receiving, Joyce did have a heart attack on July 12th trying to save our dog Heidi. Joyce made it and is doing very well, Heidi did not but her passing saved Joyce, and she wishes to thank all of you for your cards and calls.

Second question yes we miss the show, no there will not be another Autos of the World.
And the answer to the last question, Why not? The times have changed, we have changed and our sport is changing. We may not like it or want to admit it, but our generation will be the last to have a love affair with the automobile. We will be the last to get excited by the sound of the loud exhaust or that special smell you get opening the door of your vintage auto or walking on to a green field filled with the chrome and colors of times long past. Today’s cars are basically one of three colors all with charcoal interior, devoid of chrome, sound, aroma and a soul. We just bought a new Explorer it can navigate a route, answer the phone, and talk to you, but compared to the autos of yesterday it has nothing to say.

Email autosoftheworld@gmail.com with any questions.

Autos of the World 2017
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